Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why is Nayan so popular ?


I have come across people who just cannot stop raving about themselves.
One fine day, god cursed me with a co-passenger in the metro rail. It was on that day did i come to know that god really exists. I was completely assured that he had designated the work of keeping track of sins to the mighty Chithragupta. And that was the day i repented the most for being so corrupt, so inept at doing my duties and for the sins i had committed.

You may want to know what made me so philosophical and what the co-passenger did to me ?
But i ain't gonna tell you. It is because i firmly believe that the best route to happiness is keeping people around you cheerful and happy. Recounting my experience will make you unhappy, dejected, depressed and defeat my above stated objective.

But can i just let the thing get buried with me ??? I need to tell somebody what happened. I just want to recount the horror, the torture i went through hearing to this co-passenger. The 45 minutes he spoke to his friends ( i was just hearing them, he never spoke to me ), i felt as though i was trapped in the Taj hotel on 26/11.
But then let this get buried with me, beacause it's not worth mentioning.

Ah! i suppose you went thru all the above crap to know why Nayanthara is so popular. And you must have got it already. If you could run through my crap to know about Nayan , no wonder she is popular.
No no ... No Foul Language!!

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Karz the Boons ..

In Ancient Hindu Mythology, anybody around had the power to curse or grant a boon. It was a period, when the gods admired the demons for their intrinsic capability to cause havoc, their fashionable outfits and their vociferous leaders and when pleased with their tapas, used to grant them boons. Also this was a way they used to generate traffic in their abodes, which generally consisted of peeved saints and the ever-losing rulers of heaven.
So who used to govern these gods ? Had they any leaders ? And if so were they bound by some rules and regulations ?
I guess they hade some sort of association or some general body and were bound by regulations such as this.

Circular No : 789555 dt 12/12/-0012


Foreword :
The primary aim of granting a boon, is to prove our mettle to the devotees. So always make it a point, not to grant boons of a risky nature . We are stressing on this more often because we are witnessing bad choices of boons. None of us could forget, brihasura chasing Mr.Shiva to turn him into ashes. Only the glamorous Mohini ( Courtesy : Mr. Vishnu, present treasurer ), could save him. I feel disappointed to announce that Mr.Shiva has been suspended for 1 year for having violated a vital rule of this association viz;, "not to use any other god intentionally or unintentionally for one's operation".
In future, members are advised to grant boons which have a lot of loopholes, lest the demons will give you a big aaapu.

Procedure :
  • Wait for a demon who comes for his morning walk in the beach, to sleep in a standing position.
  • Spray some sea water on him, to see if he wakes up and if not wait for some more time.
  • Once it is ensured that he is in deep sleep, use the laser light in your hand and direct it to his eyes.
  • The Demon will obviously feel the pain and try to open his eyes. While he opens his eyes switch on the serial lights behind your head.
  • Tell him that you were pleased with his tapas.
  • While the demon is still sleepy and baffled, give him a boon of semi-mortality and leave the place in haste.
  • It is quite obvious that the demon will use the boon to a great extent and will torment the sadhus&saints.
  • Now the saints will come and meet you.
  • Tell them all wrong deeds are bound to be punished and the demon's death day ( alliteration intended kindly appreciate ) will be announced soon.
  • One Fine day, take advantage of the intended loopholes in your boon and finish the demon off.
  • Accept the accolades showered on you.
Any member who fails to pack off atleast three demons in a year, will be stripped off his membership.

Yours Sincerely,


( Chairman)

P.S by Author: Sorry for the spelling mistake in the title. [:8]. I am no Athiest and the above was just for fun.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vacuum Series #1 :: Questioning the FM

( Introducing the vacuum series which will critically analyze current issues. The posts pertaining to the series will have tinge of emptiness in them, hence the name VACUUM SERIES. )

Innovations Unplugged proudly brings you the whole of the recent press meet of the Finance Minister Mr. Pithaambaram.
Unfortunately the whole of the press was not present on the eve of diwali owing to the discount sale in Saravana Stores and knee deep waters in most parts of Chennai.
Only journalist from Business Times and The Economic Line could  make it. 

BT & EL : Hello Sir !
FM  : Hello.  Shall we start with the proceedings then ?? First You.
BT   : Sir, it is only two of us. So we will take care.
FM  : Ya Ya. Were you not informed that it is an exclusive interview to you both ?      
EL   : Er .. Sir. We were .......... (pause) we were informed. So What do you have to say about the recent economic crisis and India's  prospects ?
FM  : All i want to say is that our fundamentals are strong and we will  grow around 8 %.
EL   : Sir, but that is what you said while the sensex took a beating some four months ago.
FM  : You are mistaken young man. Four months ago i predicted a growth of 8.09 %.
BT   : So You mean to say that not much has changed, even when the sensex has tanked some 10000 points.
FM  : Of course, things have changed. But with my line - up of corrective  measures i hope to restore the growth story and give some relief to Indian Stock Markets.
BT   : What sort of corrective measures sir ?
FM  : Firstly i have persuaded Sreedevi Textiles, to bring in their IPO at this juncture, which i hope will redirect all the middle class savings into Dalal Street and lead the sensex rally from 10000 to 25000+ points.
EL   : Sir, but sir .......... .
FM  : I know , i know.  "How investors would repose confidence in them" was your question right ?
People will definitely repose confidence in them even without venture capitalist, Thanks to their poweful brand ambassadors. ' Kathazha Kannala Snigdha' and 'I.T. Shaam of 12B fame'.
EL   :  Sir, but that was not my question. I just wanted to ask where Sreedevi Textiles is ? ?
FM  : I knew you would not be knowing because of your Bombay background. Ask My Anna Salai Friend next to you, he could tell you !! ( Laughs at his own joke ).
BT   : Most probably in Erode. ( turns around to the FM ) Sir and what was that I.T before Shaam. He is'nt I.T.Shaam i suppose ??
FM  : Well, it is Immediate Telecast Shyam.
EL   : Very well sir. You were talking about some line-up of corrective measures. May i know what the other  measures are ?                                       
FM  : I haven't really finalised the other corrective measures. But i have thought of asking banks to work even on sundays , so that there is no liquidity crunch. Also i have planned to persuade people to buy properties in the US in order to avoid Capital Gains Tax.
EL  : Sir, but how would the second proposal help ?
FM : Simple, demand for properties in the US would rise. Rates will go up, banks' position will better. Dow Jones will shoot up and Indian Stock Markets will follow suit. 
BT  : You  are indeed great sir. One more Question
FM : Yes Proceed .
BT  : When Avian Flu hit India some time ago, you beamed before the press ' I had boiled Chicken for Breakfast'. Though this statement was to mitigate public fear, some people started   rejoicing saying " Yipee !!! We are gonna have a new FM !! " . What do you have to say about this ?
FM : Those were rumours emanating from the Lotus Quarters. I cant waste time answering these questions. Pose some Sensible questions !!
BT : Well Sir, i am not prepared for more. I meant i haven't prepared for more questions.
EL  : Neither I ... Thanks for Sharing your time with us Sir.
FM : Pleasure is Mine. Bye ......
EL  : ( to BT ) Hmmm .. What are you gonna print tomorrow ?
BT  : Well ......" FM hopes to resurrect sensex with 12B Shaam " .... and what about you ???? 
EL   : I would prefer I.T Shaam to 12B Shaam. ... 
BT  : Ha Ha .....

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Doggy Blues !!


Street Dogs can drive you crazy, just like bosses drive you out of your mind.
But the former are better in a way because they don't give you lectures of this sort ::
" When i was like you, i used to meet deadlines well in advance. My attitude was comparable to Gordon Brown's way of tackling the credit crisis rather than the Henry Paulson way of yours."

Sometimes a drilling maching is quite bearable than your boss. After hearing to the above lecture if you by any chance hear the sound of a drilling machine, it will sound like Beethoven's Symphony No.9 ( If you are a XP user, go to your sample music, because that is where i heard it ). Thank God, i have no such troubles or deadlines to meet.
Uh huh! i am digressing. So what was the focus ? Ah yes, it was why do street dogs aptly suit the phrase - " Rude Boys naangal King of the streets !! "

So i went on to analyze why street dogs chase and bite people mindlessly.My analysis culminated in five fantastic points which could assure you some safety with regard to these canines.

  1. Dogs primarily are averse to sharing their meal with you. So Avoid them while they are eating.
  2. Never advance menacingly towards a dog or hurt a dog with or without your knowledge. For Eg. Stepping on a dog's feet in the process of looking at the girl next door means you will end up losing some flesh ( from your thighs), the qty of which is directly proportional to the circumference of the dog's mouth and the tensile strength of it's teeth.
  3. Would you like third party company in your bedroom .... hmmm .. I think that would suffice.
  4. Never pass by when two dogs are establishing their supremacy over one another before a bitch. You could become the boxing ring.
  5. Never drive by a dog in a moped which has an engine potent enough to make it virtually insane. Imagine Listening to this song, it is the same way for those poor canines.
If possible see all the three below youtube videos in sequence,
I'm sure they will make your day week
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Musically Yours,

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Blooper Series - # 2



( The above stuff as many would know is not indigenous, but as it was irresistible i posted it )
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

One day in a Metropolitan Bus . . .

Travelling by a metropolitan bus is not that agonising as widely apprehended.
Its fun, only if you stop fussing about the congestion and be a silent spectator to the events around you.
You can overhear phone conversations legitimately, watch quarrels for free, enjoy some rib-tickling visuals and get some F1 feel.

So lets start with the driver. All MTC drivers have this common syndrome called the 'GODLYMASSA'.
The syndrome derives it name from the fact that all MTC buses are omnipresent on all the lanes, just like god and the drivers emulate 'Felipe Massa'.
The classic touch comes when they overtake a vehicle from the left and turn around to us and say ' Eppadi povuthu paaru poramboke ? ', which in English means ' that gentleman hasn't got his driving lessons right!' ( this translation is for the benefit of my global readers ).
And not to mention how the drivers revere the traffic signals.
They have this common formula which is applied while in signals ::

Leaving that behind, lets get to the travelling part.
Getting a seat is quite a rare occurence,but suppose you get a seat by god's grace it is a different story altogether. You invariably end up sitting near a gentleman who has worked all night and is well deserving of a nap on your shoulder.
While the human brain weighs around 1300 gms, the we(i)ll groomed hair of this gentleman along with his brain would definitely weigh around 1400 gms (1300+100). If you are already thinking ' ah ! thats quite manageable' , then let me tell you that i haven't elaborated on the ' 200 ml castor oil' applied evenly on his head. In addition to all this, if the gentleman is under intoxication you will be left guessing the brand !!
Now let's move on to the guy in front of you. He is usually a middle aged curmudgeon, who is already late to an appointment. So this guy is called time and again over his phone and his whereabouts are enquired. And the reply to the enquiry is always like this:

Actual place + 20 kms - ( variation of 2 or 3 kms ) = Proximity which saves the appointment.

You could understand better if i give you an illustration

Koyambedu + 20 kms - 2 kms = Andhra Border. ( I cant appease my global readers with an equivalent here ).

With the advent of Korean technology, quarrels between commuters have got a background score. The penetration of the korean mobile sets in the society is so good that atleast one commuter in the bus owns one, and he always entertains himself with his favorite craps a.k.a tracks over the blaring sound system of the mobile. (kudos to korean technology ).
Ah! i left the duels unexplained.
In most cases it starts over a piece of baggage which is conveniently placed on the next fellow's feet. This acts as a fodder to the fight, wherein the father of the baggage holder and the grand parents of the other party are brought into the picture.
At the end of the journey when you alight at your stop, you are left smiling at the cheap behaviour of people.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blooper Series

"In the first place, I would like to apologize to the millions of netizens who thronged my blog in search of another masterpiece during these days of inactivity. All I want to tell them is that masterpieces always take time".

That is what I would be posting in a year from now and also that was what I thought last year.

Well before you start frowning ( or if you have already started, cease there ), I thought of sharing some bloopers with you, entirely indigenous stuff. So enjoy.


If you have got such indigenous stuff, mail me at
I will ensure that it is posted with your name and url.*


*Subject to Quality control.
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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Review :: The Trust Vote


I call it a review because it had all saleable elements of a perarasu movie ( if you do not know him – click here ) and an adrenaline rushing Bond Movie. It is also comparable to our daily soaps as this has been going for years now.

Film : The Trust Vote

Genre: Everything except romance

Producer: Exchequer

Director: Only God Knows.

The Review ::

The trust vote does not fall short of the expectations of millions of Indians. It was the most entertaining thing on television any Indian could have tuned in on July 22. So What makes it so entertaining? Let's Analyze.


The UPA government led by Manmohan Singh decides to face the Trust vote after the Left parties withdraw support citing the Government’s adamant attitude to proceed with the nuclear deal.

The left’s argument that only they can be senseless and the deal by the government is a violation of their copyright is beautifully portrayed in the events leading to the trust vote.

The story then cuts to the Lok Sabha where members of the [UPA+SP] and the opposition { NDA + [ Left + BSP + JD(U) …… ] } are seated. Everybody in the opposition camp is tensed while the UPA constituents are far less tensed. The reason for which is unraveled in a thrilling drama before first half.

The Honourable ‘Spaker’ ( as fondly called by Yerran Naidu ) tries to conduct discussions on the trust vote which causes a pandemonium in the lower house. While the events till here are predictable and are marked by boring dialogues, they get spiced up when the ‘sadhu-all-these-days’ PM delivers his punch dialogues on the deal accurately. Though the last part of the speech is marred by protests, the PM succeeds in taking a dig at LK Advani who fails to impress.

While the Speaker is busy taming members, the story takes a dramatic turn when three BJP men walk with piles, heaps (whatever u call) of money. They allege that they had been bribed by the SP. While the audience is addled as to why these guys took money in the first place, the Speaker assures that proper enquiry will be done and that LAW WILL TAKE ITS COURSE.

What follows is an even more thrilling and entertaining second half wherein every member supporting the government, talks about how the NDA had demeaned the Indian Parliament. While the story lacks pace for a while, it becomes racy towards the climax with the initiation of the voting process by the speaker. The Speaker instructs the MPs on what the four buttons before them mean. Fear looms large over the MPs as they are not so adept at technology and voting for the opposite side will endanger their livelihood.

In such a scenario, the voting takes place , the UPA wins and they celebrate.

In such a commercial entertainer, Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah drive home a message. The Story ends with the song ‘ Singh is King’ aired on all news channels.

Which singh ( Amar or Manmohan ) ? is left to the discretion of the audience !!

Verdict - Excellent Entertainer

Stars - ****

What our Stars mean:

* - Proper conduct of members
** - Walkout
*** - Staging protest outside the House
**** - Displaying cash in the house
***** - Attacking Fellow members or the speaker

Note :: A Suggestion to the FM
If events like this have ad slots in the lok sabha TV , the fiscal deficit can be narrowed. Such is the TRP they get!!!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Age of Escalation !!

Nobody is jobless these days, thanks to price escalation.
The Politicos are busy with horse trading, the traders are engaged in hoarding, and the 'aam aadmi' whether employed or unemployed is left standing in long queues, indeed a job in itself.
Ever since i bought my motor-bike i have pledged my support to shell and have been excessively impressed by their service and pure products. Thanks to Price rise, i am not in a position to fuel my bike. Even if you are stinking rich, you would definitely have a second thought about shelling out 70 bucks a litre to SHELL.
May be this price rise phenomena can be attributed to the global inflation and the economy slowdown can be attributed to the global slowdown.
But a good look into the story, does bring out the hard truth that the price escalation would have been way too low if our politicos did not have any personal agenda. There were certain quite feasible measures which could have brought the situation under control. Now they cannot take pride in the growth phenomena they structured during the past three-four years, it is all scarred.
A scar that will reflect in their fortunes, now or later.
Oh !! its time to follow the trust vote.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Turnaround in Priorities

Its been long since i posted. You must be thinking .." Maybe this guy was busy or at least he's gonna say that".
Not this time . However busy i am, i never forget to produce crap. All these days i was contemplating whether to continue having all the tech stuff in my site. I felt that they overshadowed my perceptions on various things or my viewpoint, writings or whatever.

After a thorough analysis of things i chose to delete all those 25 odd posts on tech stuff. It was an emotional moment losing all my efforts to a single thought of mine. But then there are other people who can guide the world about technology, and i also will continue to do so with a different medium.

So guys all you can see here is my own JUNK,JUnk and junk ....

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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Good attempt at humour


Movies of South Indian stars or demi-gods , ( though I don endorse calling them that way ) are getting increasingly hilarious these days .. I never knew that a bullet aimed at you can either be used to load your pistol or can be redirected to the person who fired it.. wow .. Brilliance to the fore..right?
In another such attempted action in a South Indian flick, the hero shoots the wheels “of-an-about-to-take-off-plane”, stops the plane and bashes up the terrorists inside.
Also it was only recently that I came to know that race cars can be driven with your mouth and also that Seven SUV’s can be buried with people inside, nevertheless they can plunge into air at a (moustache) signal from the hero. Well ..if you are wondering what the aforesaid “moustache” is .. leave it .. it is not worth knowing.

So What is encouraging people to write such scripts ? I personally feel that it is the bad taste of cinema-goers that induces film-makers to bring out such junk. So it is self – introspection time for many.

I can’t restrain myself from recalling this incident although I did not want to name any of the above people … fearing resentment from fans and thereby lowering my blog’s traffic … which is already too low.
Recently Karan Johar asked Rajnikanth “ What is that Rajni can’t do ? “ , and immediately added that it was a compliment in the garb of a question . But I feel that it was mockery in garb of a question . All this happened in the NDTV Indian of the year awards.
Bollywood has it’s own share of jokes but far lesser than south Indian movies .

While laughing aloud at all this .. I just cant stop thinking as to what impact all this crap will have on quality Film-making.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Least Acknowledged !!!


Well what do you do. . when somebody hits you for no fault of yours ????

Some Valiant guys among you will hit back . some revolutionaries ( as we can call them ) , with just mental strength , will raise up in protest … some very diffident people will just walk away with sobs …

Now Lemme know how you people will react.. When you are in a highway. .caught up in a signal and leading a battalion of Guys armed with Buses ( MTC ) , Cars , AUTOS ( Prominent among them ) .. waiting to go past the red signal , sensing that it is safe to do so .. since it is early morning and there are no pedestrians around , no vehicles around and it is safe to move on . Any Reactions ????

Well I reacted this way .. last weekend . . I thought , even though it was safe to move on , let me wait for the green light because by moving on , I would make the signals lose their utility , they would become meaningless , … Over all I was trying to be a dutiful citizen .

But the mob behind me got infuriated , showered abuses on me and wanted me to move out of their way . I din have any other option but to break the law with them ( not justifying anything, but the MTC Bus Driver abusing with whatever he could get on his mouth was a bit too much .. Hey guys self esteem matters a little to me ) .

Alas , our countrymen are fond of showing their unity in arenas like this . Is it a crime to be lawful . .. ??? “At last I walked away with sobs”…

Now tell me who is LEAST ACKNOWLEDGED?

A. A Lawful citizen

B. A Traffic Signal

Post your answer as comments …..

Bye for now ..

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