Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why is Nayan so popular ?

I have come across people who just cannot stop raving about themselves.
One fine day, god cursed me with a co-passenger in the metro rail. It was on that day did i come to know that god really exists. I was completely assured that he had designated the work of keeping track of sins to the mighty Chithragupta. And that was the day i repented the most for being so corrupt, so inept at doing my duties and for the sins i had committed.

You may want to know what made me so philosophical and what the co-passenger did to me ?
But i ain't gonna tell you. It is because i firmly believe that the best route to happiness is keeping people around you cheerful and happy. Recounting my experience will make you unhappy, dejected, depressed and defeat my above stated objective.

But can i just let the thing get buried with me ??? I need to tell somebody what happened. I just want to recount the horror, the torture i went through hearing to this co-passenger. The 45 minutes he spoke to his friends ( i was just hearing them, he never spoke to me ), i felt as though i was trapped in the Taj hotel on 26/11.
But then let this get buried with me, beacause it's not worth mentioning.

Ah! i suppose you went thru all the above crap to know why Nayanthara is so popular. And you must have got it already. If you could run through my crap to know about Nayan , no wonder she is popular.
No no ... No Foul Language!!



Gireesh on 1/08/2009 4:54 PM said...

Way To Go Buddy!!

Venkatesh G on 1/09/2009 6:38 PM said...

Its good to see u comment.

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