Monday, February 16, 2009

Those were Days ...........

Those were days when i was a bit over 5 feet.
Those were days when i did not want to go anywhere near girls of my class, for the sole reason that they were taller than me.
Those were days when i was in my 7th grade.
Those were days when Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki & Kolangal started.

Uh huh ! i guess i am wrong. 'Kahaani' started even before that i suppose. Never mind, i am confused we will find out later. The issue now is that,

I am a bit over 5'8.
I am taller than most girls of my age.
I am 19.
And Kolangal & Kahaani are still running.

Ahem! i am not sure about 'Kahaani' again . So lets chuck it out and shift our focus to Kolangal.. ( 'kahaani' was mentioned to appease the burgeoning national reader base of this blog .... )

I was wondering how kolangal managed to ruin lives of school children & the bread winners all these days. Speaking of the bread winner, i get reminded of those poor husbands who had to do with just bread and jam for dinner sometimes ( courtesy: kolangal ). I was trying to figure out kolangal's success formula , hence the delay in posting ( good for an excuse right ?? ).
For any tamil soap to click, the script has to be appealing & for a soap to be appealing it has to be confusing & time consuming.
Thats exactly what kolangal team did flawlessly, with the astounding storyline below.

The Addling storyline :
A marries B
Then A ditches B to marry C.
But Before that A & B have 4 Children.
For convenience sake lets call them D,E,F & Abhi ( due respect to main character ).
Meanwhile A & C have 2 ... errr... some number of children & out of which one is called Adhi...
Offtopic : Adhi stammers intentionally ..err .. inadvertently.
For now Adhi is elder than abhi but A married C only after he married B & Abhi is the eldest of of the 4. Now A does'nt know where B is until 300 ... err 650 episodes. But A's brother Z knows & so does Z's wife Y.Amazingly Z & Y are not aware of A's whereabouts.
Also Adhi is the antagonist till some 700 episodes ( till my 9th grade .. errr 12th grade ).. then he is sidelined & a new antagonist X ( with XX chromosome) comes.
Offtopic: X speaks english like Adhi. So obviously people will suspect A, with a bad track record.
Also Abhi doesn't succeed in construction business because she is no MBA like Adhi.
Adhi marries Abhi's friend W & they are blessed with an issue named V.
There is another marriage which adds twist to the storyline. It is the marriage of Abhi's sister .. err brother D to Adhi's brother .. err sister unnamed ( for reference sake U .. hey not u ... letter 'U')

Now that's enough for the confusion part.

Confusion alone doesn't form part of the success formula. It is also the time consumption techniques that contribute to the success.
I think this post is getting a lot time consuming for you
Catch a glimpse of that in part 2 of this post.


Kartik Iyer (Blog Author) on 3/06/2009 6:28 PM said...

I am still struggling with it bro.......... even though rarely...... But hard

Anonymous said...

This is funny!
Yes, I could connect it because I go through mental turmoil daily because of this sinc 10th standard.. er 8th standard ;D

Venkatesh G on 3/23/2009 2:38 PM said...

@ Kartik , Venkiraja

Thank you dudes.

gb on 4/17/2009 7:16 PM said...

Man u can better take over the serial :P
u describe it better :) and u r aware of everything that happens

Venkatesh G on 4/17/2009 9:50 PM said...

Guess what ?? i may have seen some 2 or 3 episodes, thats it. I could figure out things.
I don't know when this is gonna end.

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