Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blog Relocation

Hi people, Innovations unplugged is being shifted to the wordpress platform and is to be rechristened as WITS 'n' Nuts. 
You can Visit the blog at

ATTN: Feed Subscribers, i am trying to reroute the feed at source. So you may not have to subscribe all over again. Thanks for you support.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eggs , Tomatoes and now Shoes ..


ShoesThrowing shoes at leaders is becoming a rage now. Shoes have replaced eggs and tomatoes, to reach the prestigious position of " the most desirable thing to throw at leaders". Shoes have attained this pinnacle of glory, after a long stint as " the most desirable thing to make garlands, meant for the losing Indian Cricket side & Captain". One of the most significant reasons why, shoes are the most sought after defamation products is because they are as harmless as eggs and tomatoes. A Victim of a shoe-hit cannot sue you under " attempt to murder" of the Indian Penal Code. That saves you the risk of being in jail for a very long time. Moreover publicly-courteous leaders may not want you to be harmed and you may end up winning lakhs as cash awards.

With the rise of shoes, eggs and tomatoes have become obsolete. So, one obviously becomes curious about the future of this defamation trend line. I thought of a list of things which could possibly make shoes obsolete & which would aptly fit the bill of defamation materials, like :
  • Shoes with colour powder smeared on the sole, technically designed to form an imprint of the opposition's election symbol, if thrown accurately .
  • Underwears, which now are being couriered.
  • Balloons filled with apple juice, designed to burst on contact with the victim's face. A rocket launcher like thing is to be used to shoot the balloons, since it is highly improbable that a balloon thrown by hand will hit the victim & even if it hits, the victim will have enough time to run to the adjoining constituency before the balloon reaches him.
  • CD's of Windows Vista & hopefully Windows 7
  • Park Avenue's Tranquil deodorant. It smells worse than body odour.
  • Election Manifestos of the victim's party. ( I guess this could be the most insulting thing for a leader. )
Well, that was all i could get. Pl Comment if you have any other suggestions. Meanwhile news is just coming in that the Govt could impose a ban on wearing any sort of footwear in press conferences and public meetings. So my advice would be - " Make hay while the sun shines".


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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Here Comes the Election .... Make your choice

This April, i have decided to blog only on desi issues. hence the secure IPL is not in my drafts. While the shift of IPL to South Africa  disappoints me, certain things bring joy to me like the decision to hold the General Elections in India .  I, like many other people would never have wanted to travel all the way to England or the almost Empty ertswhile LTTE strongholds in Sri Lanka, just to vote. Thanks to the Home Ministry, this time they could make enough security arrangements. Well i should stop lamenting about what is out of India, because this is a humour blog. 
Voting in India can bring a sigh of relief, but making a choice is going to be an awful exercise.  I term it awful because it is indeed awful.With so many Fronts ( 3 or 4 ) and backs contesting, there is ample scope for confusion. Politicians have confused us so well that your finger will go 
against your brain instructions and exactly vote for the person who you will not even want as your gardener. Eventually all people will make your choice & the person gets elected. And after 2 years you would be seen lamenting " Ah ... that guy would've been better off as my gardener ".  

The Situation now in the country is such that anybody who has little knowledge of English Alphabets can form an alliance & an internal alliance. The Alliance and the internal alliance will contest against one another, but they together will form the govt if they emerge victorious against one another. Moreover there can be a MoU between two internal alliances. Confused, here is the pictoral representation of the above lines :

Inspite of all this, we are supposed to vote. And why not, there is still ample scope and hope for a change. 
Be the change & pick the least rotten egg. 
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