Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Age of Escalation !!

Nobody is jobless these days, thanks to price escalation.
The Politicos are busy with horse trading, the traders are engaged in hoarding, and the 'aam aadmi' whether employed or unemployed is left standing in long queues, indeed a job in itself.
Ever since i bought my motor-bike i have pledged my support to shell and have been excessively impressed by their service and pure products. Thanks to Price rise, i am not in a position to fuel my bike. Even if you are stinking rich, you would definitely have a second thought about shelling out 70 bucks a litre to SHELL.
May be this price rise phenomena can be attributed to the global inflation and the economy slowdown can be attributed to the global slowdown.
But a good look into the story, does bring out the hard truth that the price escalation would have been way too low if our politicos did not have any personal agenda. There were certain quite feasible measures which could have brought the situation under control. Now they cannot take pride in the growth phenomena they structured during the past three-four years, it is all scarred.
A scar that will reflect in their fortunes, now or later.
Oh !! its time to follow the trust vote.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Turnaround in Priorities

Its been long since i posted. You must be thinking .." Maybe this guy was busy or at least he's gonna say that".
Not this time . However busy i am, i never forget to produce crap. All these days i was contemplating whether to continue having all the tech stuff in my site. I felt that they overshadowed my perceptions on various things or my viewpoint, writings or whatever.

After a thorough analysis of things i chose to delete all those 25 odd posts on tech stuff. It was an emotional moment losing all my efforts to a single thought of mine. But then there are other people who can guide the world about technology, and i also will continue to do so with a different medium.

So guys all you can see here is my own JUNK,JUnk and junk ....

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