Sunday, November 30, 2008

Karz the Boons ..

In Ancient Hindu Mythology, anybody around had the power to curse or grant a boon. It was a period, when the gods admired the demons for their intrinsic capability to cause havoc, their fashionable outfits and their vociferous leaders and when pleased with their tapas, used to grant them boons. Also this was a way they used to generate traffic in their abodes, which generally consisted of peeved saints and the ever-losing rulers of heaven.
So who used to govern these gods ? Had they any leaders ? And if so were they bound by some rules and regulations ?
I guess they hade some sort of association or some general body and were bound by regulations such as this.

Circular No : 789555 dt 12/12/-0012


Foreword :
The primary aim of granting a boon, is to prove our mettle to the devotees. So always make it a point, not to grant boons of a risky nature . We are stressing on this more often because we are witnessing bad choices of boons. None of us could forget, brihasura chasing Mr.Shiva to turn him into ashes. Only the glamorous Mohini ( Courtesy : Mr. Vishnu, present treasurer ), could save him. I feel disappointed to announce that Mr.Shiva has been suspended for 1 year for having violated a vital rule of this association viz;, "not to use any other god intentionally or unintentionally for one's operation".
In future, members are advised to grant boons which have a lot of loopholes, lest the demons will give you a big aaapu.

Procedure :
  • Wait for a demon who comes for his morning walk in the beach, to sleep in a standing position.
  • Spray some sea water on him, to see if he wakes up and if not wait for some more time.
  • Once it is ensured that he is in deep sleep, use the laser light in your hand and direct it to his eyes.
  • The Demon will obviously feel the pain and try to open his eyes. While he opens his eyes switch on the serial lights behind your head.
  • Tell him that you were pleased with his tapas.
  • While the demon is still sleepy and baffled, give him a boon of semi-mortality and leave the place in haste.
  • It is quite obvious that the demon will use the boon to a great extent and will torment the sadhus&saints.
  • Now the saints will come and meet you.
  • Tell them all wrong deeds are bound to be punished and the demon's death day ( alliteration intended kindly appreciate ) will be announced soon.
  • One Fine day, take advantage of the intended loopholes in your boon and finish the demon off.
  • Accept the accolades showered on you.
Any member who fails to pack off atleast three demons in a year, will be stripped off his membership.

Yours Sincerely,


( Chairman)

P.S by Author: Sorry for the spelling mistake in the title. [:8]. I am no Athiest and the above was just for fun.



Aravindhram on 12/01/2008 12:21 PM said...

Excellent sense of humour.....

Venkatesh G on 12/01/2008 7:11 PM said...

Thanks Buddy.

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