Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Least Acknowledged !!!

Well what do you do. . when somebody hits you for no fault of yours ????

Some Valiant guys among you will hit back . some revolutionaries ( as we can call them ) , with just mental strength , will raise up in protest … some very diffident people will just walk away with sobs …

Now Lemme know how you people will react.. When you are in a highway. .caught up in a signal and leading a battalion of Guys armed with Buses ( MTC ) , Cars , AUTOS ( Prominent among them ) .. waiting to go past the red signal , sensing that it is safe to do so .. since it is early morning and there are no pedestrians around , no vehicles around and it is safe to move on . Any Reactions ????

Well I reacted this way .. last weekend . . I thought , even though it was safe to move on , let me wait for the green light because by moving on , I would make the signals lose their utility , they would become meaningless , … Over all I was trying to be a dutiful citizen .

But the mob behind me got infuriated , showered abuses on me and wanted me to move out of their way . I din have any other option but to break the law with them ( not justifying anything, but the MTC Bus Driver abusing with whatever he could get on his mouth was a bit too much .. Hey guys self esteem matters a little to me ) .

Alas , our countrymen are fond of showing their unity in arenas like this . Is it a crime to be lawful . .. ??? “At last I walked away with sobs”…

Now tell me who is LEAST ACKNOWLEDGED?

A. A Lawful citizen

B. A Traffic Signal

Post your answer as comments …..

Bye for now ..


indragauri on 3/09/2008 9:10 PM said...

obviously a traffic signal... cos a lawful/dutiful citizen will acknowledge a fellow lawful citizen.. like me.. me too had to undergo incidents like u.. bt got abuses from auto fellows more than MTC bus drivers...

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