Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Doggy Blues !!

Street Dogs can drive you crazy, just like bosses drive you out of your mind.
But the former are better in a way because they don't give you lectures of this sort ::
" When i was like you, i used to meet deadlines well in advance. My attitude was comparable to Gordon Brown's way of tackling the credit crisis rather than the Henry Paulson way of yours."

Sometimes a drilling maching is quite bearable than your boss. After hearing to the above lecture if you by any chance hear the sound of a drilling machine, it will sound like Beethoven's Symphony No.9 ( If you are a XP user, go to your sample music, because that is where i heard it ). Thank God, i have no such troubles or deadlines to meet.
Uh huh! i am digressing. So what was the focus ? Ah yes, it was why do street dogs aptly suit the phrase - " Rude Boys naangal King of the streets !! "

So i went on to analyze why street dogs chase and bite people mindlessly.My analysis culminated in five fantastic points which could assure you some safety with regard to these canines.

  1. Dogs primarily are averse to sharing their meal with you. So Avoid them while they are eating.
  2. Never advance menacingly towards a dog or hurt a dog with or without your knowledge. For Eg. Stepping on a dog's feet in the process of looking at the girl next door means you will end up losing some flesh ( from your thighs), the qty of which is directly proportional to the circumference of the dog's mouth and the tensile strength of it's teeth.
  3. Would you like third party company in your bedroom .... hmmm .. I think that would suffice.
  4. Never pass by when two dogs are establishing their supremacy over one another before a bitch. You could become the boxing ring.
  5. Never drive by a dog in a moped which has an engine potent enough to make it virtually insane. Imagine Listening to this song, it is the same way for those poor canines.
If possible see all the three below youtube videos in sequence,
I'm sure they will make your day week
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Musically Yours,


viswajith.k.n on 10/15/2008 2:58 AM said...

dude...u r humor is superb...chancey illa! an excellent follow up to the MTC buses post!

jayram on 10/15/2008 7:17 PM said...

dude...gr8.work...this dogie post was really funny one..hope i follow those rules and regualtion......but not as best one like kuruvi....

keep adding...more...info...i will try keep commenting..

k...really a nice one

Venkatesh G on 10/15/2008 8:56 PM said...

Thanks ppl

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