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Review :: The Trust Vote

I call it a review because it had all saleable elements of a perarasu movie ( if you do not know him – click here ) and an adrenaline rushing Bond Movie. It is also comparable to our daily soaps as this has been going for years now.

Film : The Trust Vote

Genre: Everything except romance

Producer: Exchequer

Director: Only God Knows.

The Review ::

The trust vote does not fall short of the expectations of millions of Indians. It was the most entertaining thing on television any Indian could have tuned in on July 22. So What makes it so entertaining? Let's Analyze.


The UPA government led by Manmohan Singh decides to face the Trust vote after the Left parties withdraw support citing the Government’s adamant attitude to proceed with the nuclear deal.

The left’s argument that only they can be senseless and the deal by the government is a violation of their copyright is beautifully portrayed in the events leading to the trust vote.

The story then cuts to the Lok Sabha where members of the [UPA+SP] and the opposition { NDA + [ Left + BSP + JD(U) …… ] } are seated. Everybody in the opposition camp is tensed while the UPA constituents are far less tensed. The reason for which is unraveled in a thrilling drama before first half.

The Honourable ‘Spaker’ ( as fondly called by Yerran Naidu ) tries to conduct discussions on the trust vote which causes a pandemonium in the lower house. While the events till here are predictable and are marked by boring dialogues, they get spiced up when the ‘sadhu-all-these-days’ PM delivers his punch dialogues on the deal accurately. Though the last part of the speech is marred by protests, the PM succeeds in taking a dig at LK Advani who fails to impress.

While the Speaker is busy taming members, the story takes a dramatic turn when three BJP men walk with piles, heaps (whatever u call) of money. They allege that they had been bribed by the SP. While the audience is addled as to why these guys took money in the first place, the Speaker assures that proper enquiry will be done and that LAW WILL TAKE ITS COURSE.

What follows is an even more thrilling and entertaining second half wherein every member supporting the government, talks about how the NDA had demeaned the Indian Parliament. While the story lacks pace for a while, it becomes racy towards the climax with the initiation of the voting process by the speaker. The Speaker instructs the MPs on what the four buttons before them mean. Fear looms large over the MPs as they are not so adept at technology and voting for the opposite side will endanger their livelihood.

In such a scenario, the voting takes place , the UPA wins and they celebrate.

In such a commercial entertainer, Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah drive home a message. The Story ends with the song ‘ Singh is King’ aired on all news channels.

Which singh ( Amar or Manmohan ) ? is left to the discretion of the audience !!

Verdict - Excellent Entertainer

Stars - ****

What our Stars mean:

* - Proper conduct of members
** - Walkout
*** - Staging protest outside the House
**** - Displaying cash in the house
***** - Attacking Fellow members or the speaker

Note :: A Suggestion to the FM
If events like this have ad slots in the lok sabha TV , the fiscal deficit can be narrowed. Such is the TRP they get!!!


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The note to the FM is funny!

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